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This page has one purpose: to serve as an archive for the net-releases of the electronic artist Wisp. Having finally had his genius recognised by people in high places, he was signed to Sublight Records and to celebrate I decided to compile this page.

However it was not just out of celebration that it was born, but also out of necessity: some of Wisp's releases are no longer available on the net due to certain netlabels going offline, and for those (like myself) without p2p connectivity, it can prove very difficult and frustrating to get one's hands on these releases.

But this is not the case for the majority of the netlabels on which Wisp has released music and I would eagerly urge you to check out not only Wisp's music, but other music released on the netlabels linked to from this page.

Some important points:
  • Only Wisp's freely available music shall ever be hosted here.
  • Do not link to files off this page. Instead link to this page, if necessary.
  • If you have any releases, album artwork, single mp3s by Wisp or information about him that is not on this page, please email me. Contact information is to be found at the bottom of this page.
  • You can extract the music from any packages on this page using 7-zip, the best file compression tool.
  • Full-size artwork is included in album tarballs/zipfiles when possible.
  • This site is the work of a crazed Wisp-enthusiast and its creation has nothing to do with Wisp himself or those involved with the netlabels on which he has released music. cvs near berkeley ca

2009/01/08 - Happy new year! Added "From Us To You - Mrs Jynx & Wisp Present", a festive collaboration between Mrs. Jynx and Wisp given to fans as a present in 2007. Sorry I'm a bit late with this one, didn't even know it existed :)

2008/09/30 - Added the Flimsy Pippets Mix. The original site where it was hosted seems to not be hosting it anymore.

2008/03/18 - News of Wisp's signing to Rephlex has finally hit, along with news of an album ("The Shimmering Hour") and tour.

2006/09/19 - Added a Loose MP3s section. Also added Wisp's Ivanhoe mix. They're both down the bottom.

2006/02/27 - Added release dates for all releases. Many thanks to Wisp for compiling this information.

Release Title Released On Notes Tracklist Download
Building Dragons

23rd May 2006 on Terminal Dusk Records
  1. Hall Of Kings
  2. Stoorworm
  3. The Bard
  4. Roads Up Over
  5. Esquire!
  6. Among The Pines
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Honor Beats

30th June 2006 on Sublight Records
  1. Beadum�gen
  2. Hnipian
  3. Lyftgeswenced
  4. Drycr�ft
  5. FoldBold (The Siege)
  6. Clipian
  7. Sceadugenga
  8. Ealdgewyrht

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November 2005 on Sublight Records
  1. Negions Fall
  2. Witches Winds
  3. Closing Brydges
  4. Congratulations
  5. Loophole
  6. 1stop
  7. Untethered
  8. See in Rainbows
  9. Dead Streets
  10. Steam City
  11. All His Might
  12. North

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From Us To You - Mrs Jynx & Wisp Present

Unknown Tracks 1-3 by Mrs. Jynx
Tracks 4-6 by Wisp
Original Tracklist Art (included in download)
  1. Stocking Fillers
  2. I Saw 3 Ships
  3. Rising Lights
  4. Balsam & Cedar
  5. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  6. Where It Falls
Flimsy Pippets Mix

Unknown Original Tracklist Art
  1. Somewhere not too far away
  2. J. Lapaglia and R. Dunn 2/2/05 (Landscape Demos)
  3. Fraction
  4. Stubby Nubs
  5. Calypso Fun
  6. The Knep
  7. Mumble Grumble
  8. The Secret Lake
  9. The Old Mountain Pass
  10. Kubis Stands
  11. White Shapes (Late)
  12. Lvl Up
  13. The Sea and I
A Thousand Tomorrows

January 31st 2004 on TavCOM Records [TAV03]
(Obsolete Website)
  1. The Old Mountain Pass
  2. Tin Splinters
  3. Harvesting Sunlight
  4. Making Porgress In The Icicle Factory
  5. Twiddle Thy Thumbs (Baroque Edit)
  6. Whisper
  7. Courtyard Statues
  8. 11 Years Old
About Things That Never Were

June 11th on TavCOM Records [TAV001]
(Obsolete Website)
No track numbers in filenames, only in ID3 tags.
No track order for bonus tracks whatsoever.
Production information contained in comments of ID3 tags.
Some of the song filenames and songnames in the ID3 tags do not match.
  1. Slopes
  2. To Fiddlers Green
  3. We Pretend
  4. Travellers Friend
  5. He Was A Happy Man
  6. The Sincere
  7. Rolling Into The Station
  8. Yggdrasil
  9. Around Corners
  10. My Regards, Dear Jonah
  11. Ywasafet
  12. Brown Books
  13. Sad Story
  14. Arc Of Lens
  15. Bon p'ont v.2 (d.diGIT mix)
Bonus Tracks:
  • Aboard My Submarine
  • Chasing Ghosts
  • Gentle Slopes
  • Zoe
  • Tundra Screams
  • This Will End In Tears
Frozen Days

December 18th 2003 on TavCOM Records [TAV12.25]
(Obsolete Website)
  1. White Out
  2. No Salt On The Streets
  3. Reminder
  4. Light Through Ice
  5. Holiday Behind Glass
Fungus Flap

November 18th 2004 on Earstroke Records [EAR003]
  1. Lavender Spore
  2. Flabby Smuts
  3. Peg Leg
  4. Serpent In The Maze
  5. Stubby Nubs

February 21st 2004 on Electrotards Records [ETR006]
  2. gummiklischeerherstellung
  3. deco stop
  4. in round
  5. bus rides with people
  6. the knep (myself)
  7. squares
  8. i'm a cube in a cube
  9. brad york
In A Blue Face

January 2003, re-released on Earstroke Records April 20th 2005 Originally released as a CD-R on Earstroke, to members of the mailinglist. Those who ordered it also received "The Great Big EP".
  1. Daffodil
  2. On The Rails
  3. A Letter In The Mail
  4. Me
  5. Turqouis Tinged Pennies
  6. Library Grey
  7. Laff
  8. Bon Pont
  9. Shep Shaep Sheep
  10. Many Fields
Let Me See Your Shapes October 6th 2004 This album is a collection of tunes that are about 1-2 years old and all unreleased.
  1. By Land Or By Sea
  2. Upward Mobility
  3. My Flammies
  4. White Shapes (Early)
  5. Underhill
  6. Plod Along
  7. Circle
  8. White Shapes (Late)
Lost In A Walk

April 18th 2005 on Project 168
  1. Gate Circle
  2. Memory Ridge
  3. Even If You Go

October 23rd 2003 on Binkcrsh [BNK007]
  1. Flax Flew Far
  2. Glowing Fungus
  3. Lentil Soup
  4. Pleeper
  5. The Sea, And I
  6. The Secret Lake
Selected Ambient Works 2: Reworked

April 30th 2004 on TavCOM Records [TAVRMX01]
(Obsolete Website)
Remixes of tracks from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume 2
  1. Cliffs (1043 Mix)
  2. Rhubarb (1159 Mix)
  3. Z Twig (6040 Mix)
  4. Lichen (1136 Mix)
XMAS 87 December 4th 2004 A christmas present sent to fans on Wisp's mailinglist in December 2004.
  1. Holly And Ivy
  2. Greensleeves
  3. Candlegrove
  4. Silent Night
  5. Maeshowe
Quest For Excalipur August 18th 2003 Split EP with Denizen. Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8 by Wisp.
  1. leopold11
  2. hARPIES15HP
  3. kobold lair
  4. my heart belongs to an NPC
  5. neo dragons wild
  6. pause all night
  7. abyss lich resurrect
  8. lvl UP
Nine Acid

January 30th 2005, hosted on Split EP released by "skonflap" (Wisp) and vhom (milieu). Tracks 1-4 by skonflap.
  1. Cocklebee
  2. Calipso Fun
  3. Northeast Acid Report
  4. Me Teslove
  5. rtot
  6. Dostel Relang
  7. ptil
  8. Morlet Vorlok
  9. pvtdal

August 20th 2004 on Music Is For Assholes [music008] Released under the name "Havear".
  1. Cultivar
  2. Pensive
  3. Trost
Ivanhoe Mix

A mix wisp put together for WATMM radio. Art included in the mp3.
  1. skonflap - Calipso Fun
  2. Jega - Rigid Body Dynamics
  3. mr76ix - D2 (untitled)
  4. Lusine - Make it easy & David Bowie - Poor Soul
  5. lloop - Long Jumps
  6. Aphex Twin - IZ-US
  7. Erland Oye - Ghost Train
  8. Julian Fane - Freezing in Haunted Waters
  9. Minizza - Winning a Battle, Losing the War
  10. AFX - Fenix Funk 5
  11. Ceephax Acid Crew - Essex Resemblence
  12. Wisp - Lords & Ladies
  13. Lusine - Risa
  14. Mi6 - Song For Justus
  15. Kelpe - Knock Turn
  16. Frog Pocket - Underwood Ladykirk
  17. Air - Alone In Kyoto
Loose MP3s N/A "See What You May (REMIX)" isn't a song, but an mp3 of portions of the song "ELF MAGIC!" and was probably used for remixes by members of WATMM

"Constants Are Changing" and "Tears From The Compound Eye" are both remixes of Boards of Canada songs from the album "The Campfire Headphase". They were composed by Wisp for a WATMM BoC remix competition.

  1. Blind Men Always Get Stuck In The Snow
  2. See What You May (REMIX)
  3. Tears From The Compound Eye (Lachrymatory Edit)
  4. Constants Are Changing (Moving Trees Mix)
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